• Index tables of all variables crossed with all banner variables
  • Crosstabs of all variables crossed with all banner variables
  • Creation/Calculation of a weight variable
  • Weighting of the tables
  • T-Tests and Z-tests
  • Choice between 5 different table layouts
  • Report Filter

We can create similar reports with just another report filter for $50 per report.

The following services will costs extra:

  • Recoding of variables
  • Custom table layout (font, color, borders and number formatting)
  • Custom tables, like e.g. filtered tables or tables with multiple variables


We will charge additional changes per hour ($100).

You will get a free license for OfficeReports Analytics. This license is limited in such a way that you only can use it together with the report you have received from us. It will not be possible to add data or filter at the report level. Otherwise, all functionality is available so you can add all kinds of tables and charts to the report yourself.