When you choose OfficeReports for your data analysis and data reporting needs, you aren’t on your own. We offer a wide range of support services to help you get the most out of our solutions for data analytics, survey reporting and report automation. From the 'Free Support' button in our ribbon tab you have access to the following services:

Live Chat - If you have a quick question, have a chat with us.

Book a Support Meeting - Book a 20 minutes meeting directly into our calendar if you need to share your screen to explain the problem. We use Microsoft Teams.

Create  Support Request - If you want to get help by email


From the OfficeReports ribbon tab, you also have access to our Online Manual, which appears by clicking 'Help'.

The free support options will help you using OfficeReports. If you want us to do (part of) the reporting for you, please have a look below.




Other support options

If you need a little extra help beyond our free offerings, we have the following options for you:

Prepaid Support Units

Just need a little bit of extra support to get your project over the finish line? Put our expertise to work with prepaid 15-minute units of service. This approach is perfect if you need help to create specific reports, or just need a few questions answered so you can use the OfficeReports solution more efficiently.


  • 2 units:   125 Euro/140 US$
  • 5 units:   250 Euro/280 US$
  • 10 units: 400 Euro/450 US$

Support agreement

If you want an extra pair of hands to complete your research projects quickly and expertly, please contact us. With our personal support agreements, we can create a custom plan to optimize your data analysis and reporting workflow with the help of our team. Many of our clients treat us as an extension of their own internal team, helping them to create value and effectively produce critical data deliverables.

  • Custom pricing is available on a project by project basis, contact us today!