OfficeReports is a less expensive but very powerful Alternative to SPSS for presenting your survey results in both Excel and PowerPoint. OfficeReports, built-in into Excel and PowerPoint, is a complete crosstab tool containing similar functionality as solutions such as SPSS Survey Reporter. Being a part of Microsoft Office provides many advantages, especially if you want the results in Excel and PowerPoint and are familiar with these programs.

Our user-friendly solution creates your survey data reporting quickly and visually. You can use OfficeReports both for recoding the variables and for creating tables and charts directly in Excel. You can use advanced statistics like T-Test, Z-Test, weighting, correlation, top/bottom boxes and more. Additionally, you can create many (editable) tables in a run, which can be updated with new data. Review the list below for details on this alternative to SPSS. 

Why use OfficeReports?

  • Import SPSS 'sav' files directly with no need for a separate SPSS installation.
  • Work directly in Microsoft Office and access all of its functionality, now available in your crosstab tool with the OfficeReports integration. Your crosstabs can, for example, contain formulas and conditional formatting and use all the advanced formatting functionality Excel offers.
  • View the data you are interested in with OfficeReports' Data Editor, which is much better than the one from SPSS. With our solution you can easily accomplish variable recoding, and limit the data view to specific variables.
  • Access all the functionality a researcher needs, including Top/Bottom boxes, NPS, weighting, T-Test, Z-Test, correlation and more. 
  • Utilize advanced statistics: calculate significance tests for two levels at the same time, 'Welch T-test', use effective base or unweighted base, and more.
  • Automate your survey data reports with report templates that can be reused with new or added data. Just click 'Refresh' and all tables and charts are recalculated. A real time-saver!
  • Link your survey reporting results directly to PowerPoint with the OfficeReports integration. Create and populate native tables, charts and shapes in PowerPoint.
  • Tap into our expertise for Free

Some of our happy customers

Experienced survey researchers that switch to OfficeReports are reporting five- to ten-fold time-savings when producing charts and tables, compared with using other tools.

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