Brief History

Having created TricTrac, a survey data collection tool, we were well aware that the vast majority of all surveys are reported in PowerPoint and Excel. The problem is often that a lot of preparatory work needs to be done in different tools to create the figures and statistics that need to be reported. This can lead to constant switching between cross-tab tools to Microsoft Office, which can make reporting a very time consuming and error-prone task.

We realized the ideal solution would be to enhance Microsoft Office® with a plug-in so that PowerPoint and Excel could read the data, crunch the numbers and present it well. And from that idea OfficeReports was born!

Our Experience

Our parent company Research Innovation was founded by market researchers and has been providing software to the Market Research branche for more than 2 decades. Using our background and by being close to our customers we have been able to create software that really solves the problems you face creating your deliverables. Today, OfficeReports has users in more than 25 countries creating deliverables for branches like Automotive, Finance, Insurance, Electronics, Retail etc..

Our Goal

It is a fact that most survey data reports are delivered as PowerPoint presentations. Our goal is to make reporting suvey data easy, even if you do not have a technical background, and to do that from within Microsoft Office. This creates both the shortest and the easiest way from data to report.

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