A great SPSS Alternative

OfficeReports is a less expensive but very powerful Alternative to SPSS for presenting your survey results in both Excel and PowerPoint. OfficeReports, build in into Excel and PowerPoint,  is a complete cross-tab tool containing similar functionality as e.g. SPSS Survey Reporter. Being a part of Microsoft Office gives a lot of advantages, especially if you want the results in Excel and PowerPoint.

The OfficeReports ribbon tab in Excel
The OfficeReports ribbon tab in Excel

Why using OfficeReports?

  • OfficeReports can import SPSS 'sav' files (NO need for an SPSS installation!)
  • OfficeReports is a part of Microsoft Office, which means you get all of it's functionality available in your crosstab tool! Your cross-tabs can e.g. contain formulas and conditional formatting and use all the advanced formatting functionality Excel offers.
  • OfficeReports 'Data Editor' is much better than the one from SPSS. Easy variable recoding, and easily limit the data view to the variables you are interested in (see picture).
  • OfficeReports contains all the functionality a researcher needs, including Top/Bottom boxes, NPS, weighting, T-Test, Z-Test, correlation etc.
  • Advanced Statistics: calculate significance tests for 2 levels at the same time, 'Welch T-test', use effective base or unweighted base etc.
  • Report Automation: OfficeReports reports can be reused with new or added data. Just click 'Refresh' and all tables and charts are recalculated. A real time saver!
  • Also integrated to PowerPoint, creating/populating native tables, charts and shapes in PowerPoint.
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