Automation Challenges

In our final reports, we are communicating the results of the survey to the end-user, who propably does not know that much about market research. This means it might be a good idea to e.g. use a smiley instead of some specific mean value which might be hard to interpret without a lot of background knowledge. And if we want to communicate significant difference, we want to use e.g. arrow shapes instead of characters.

Also, we want to be a bit flexible. For a specific department we have some specific questions, which are reported on slides which are not a part of the report for the other departments. Or maybe we show different tables or charts on some slides.

The best way to get started automating your reports using OfficeReports is by contacting us. Our support is free, and we are eager to help you automating your first report production!


Tracking Surveys

OfficeReports is used for the automation of the reporting for a large amount of tracking surveys, and we have seen all the problems there are in the automation process: In this country, we want to compare our brand to one competitor more, and in this country this product is not sold and our brand has a different name, etc..

Your reporting tool really needs to be flexible, and OfficeReports Automation is!


Mass generation of reports

When creating 360 degree feedback reports after an employee satisfaction survey, we want to compare leader results with department resulst and company results, and we might have to deliver reports for 30 departments and 450 leaders. And also in these reports, we might need the flexibility described above.

OfficeReports has functionality to mass generate reports with 4 levels of different filters, and OfficeReports has extensive functionality to add all kinds of 'benchmarks' to the results.

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