OfficeReports Intelligo offers a potent crosstabulation engine accessible within both PowerPoint and Excel. In both instances, the crosstabs are constructed within a workbook, granting you full access to Microsoft Excel's range of functionalities.

If you're working with pre-aggregated data (crosstabs), consider exploring our Presento MR solution.

Our Intelligo solution seamlessly integrates a workbook into PowerPoint through the 'Workbook Pane', enabling effortless visualization of results in PowerPoint tables, charts, and Shapes. This integration eliminates the need for manual transitions between these commonly utilized programs for data analysis and reporting, expediting the process of gaining insights from your data.

Should your final delivery not require a PowerPoint presentation and you solely need crosstabs in an Excel workbook, we offer our Calculo solution.

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With OfficeReports Intelligo you can:

  • Analyse and Present your survey data in Microsoft Office: No more exporting of crosstabs to Excel and copy and paste between Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Create crosstabs in Excel or directly in PowerPoint using the OfficeReports Workbook Pane. Have a look at Calculo to get an overview of the crosstab functionality
  • From the Workbook Pane in PowerPoint you can easily populate PowerPoint charts, tables and shapes using data ranges from the Excel workbook. Have a look at Presento MR for an overview of the presenting functionality.
  • Boost slide creation productivity: Using a single step process, you can create multiple slides quickly.


The resulting PowerPoint Presentation contains editable PowerPoint Charts and Tables.

OfficeReports Intelligo Editions

Intelligo Free

Intelligo Free

Our free edition provides essential features for crafting crosstabs and visualizing the results in Powerpoint:

  • Import raw data from various sources like SPSS, Excel, and more
  • Recode Variables
  • Create crosstabs with count, percentage, mean, NPS, Top/Bottom, and more
  • Link the results to tables, charts and shapes in PowerPoint
Intelligo Pro

Intelligo Pro

Incorporating all functionalities from the Free edition, this package also offers:

  • Statistical Tools: Access T-Test, Z-Test, Correlation, and Weighting calculations.
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Display Significance Arrows (or other icons) in PowerPoint tables and charts.
  • Free Support.
Intelligo Premium

Intelligo Premium

Our flagship edition contains all the features of the Pro edition, and it also offers:

  • Handling of surveys with unlimited Variables and Respondents
  • Advanced Report Automation: Ideal for tracking survey reporting and generating multiple reports efficiently.
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Teymour A.
Market Research, 1-10 employees

“Powerful tool for integrated data processing and report generation”

It's a game changer for me: generates time savings, allows us to be nimble, offer quicker turnaround to our clients. The filtering of data to produce batch reports Seamless integration with PPT and Excel All-in-one from data processing - including cross-tabs - to reporting Technical support is outstanding - responsive, solution oriented.

Karen C.
Karen C.
Vice President of Research
Research, 11-50 employees

"Strong set of analytic tools. Simplifies survey analysis and reporting"

OfficeReports is a game changer that has been a valuable tool for our team, and we appreciate how responsive the development team is to the needs of users. Excellent, responsive customer service. Frequent product updates and improvements that consider the user experience.

Joel M.
Joel M.
Research Manager
Market Research, 11-50 employees

"Offers a vital link between Excel and PowerPoint"

Great program, nothing quite like it. Once set up, this offers a vital link between Excel and PowerPoint that we've never had access to before. Works seamlessly once you get your head around the layout. Torben is a good point of contact too, really helpful when we were getting to grips with it.

Gary E.
Management Consulting, 1-10 employees

“Excellent software for tabulations and PowerPoint report building.”

We do frequent ad hoc analytical reports for various clients, in their PowerPoint templates. OfficeReports allows us create new presentations quickly and efficiently. The data tabulations, data tables, and the setup for our ad hoc reporting needs are exceptionally good.

Henrik K.
Henrik K.
Management Consulting, 1 - 10 employees

"Reducing time in report production"

Good experience both for analyzing and report production. Great to use templates for recurring reports and report automation.

Faheem S.
Faheem S.
Asst. Manager
Market Research, 1001 - 5000 employees

“An Innovative tool for Tracking Studies"

I have used this software for generating tracking studies for almost 3 years. There are multiple features which help to make things very efficient. The OfficeReports team is very supportive, they always come up with new ideas to resolve the problem, and never hesitate to add the necessary feature, very few software has that option. I would recommend this software for Report Automation.

Mahesh A.
Mahesh A.
Market Research, 51 - 200 employees

“Excellent and tailor made for MR”

Works as an Excel plugin so the learning curve is not very steep and it's easier to get employees to start using this application. Excellent automation features - it has been a game changer for us on our recurring reports.

Michael W.
Michael W.
Public Relations and Communications, 1-10 employees

“Great alternative to Survey Reporter”

I use it for cross-tab reports and custom PowerPoint presentations from SPSS data. It gives me a level of control over the look, customization and automation of my presentations that I was never able to achieve with Survey Reporter. It connects directly to PowerPoint. I can make the slides exactly the way I like them with several charts or various data points on the slide and never have to worry about reformatting with new data. If I decide to change the weighting, hit refresh and all my slides, NET scores whatever are all updated seamlessly.

Some of our happy customers

Experienced survey researchers that switch to OfficeReports are reporting five- to ten-fold time-savings when producing charts and tables, compared with using other tools.

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