OfficeReports was founded to provide a better way to accomplish market research reporting. Our decades of experience in market research and a deep understanding of the daily challenges faced by the researcher led us to create a thoughtful solution to automate survey reporting and ultimately to save time and money. Today, OfficeReports has users in more than 30 countries creating deliverables for a wide variety of industries, such as automotive, finance, insurance, electronics, retail and more. 

Our Vision

Our years working at ground-level in the market research and survey reporting industries, including creating survey data collection tool TricTrac, give us a unique perspective on how to solve common industry challenges. 

We are well aware that the vast majority of all survey reporting is done in PowerPoint and Excel. The problem with current processes is that a high amount of preparatory work needs to be done in different tools to create the figures and statistics for the survey reports. This can lead to constant switching between cross-tab tools to Microsoft Office, which can make survey reporting a very time consuming and error-prone task.

Disrupting a market researcher’s workflow and tight timelines with the adoption of new solutions, or trying to integrate multiple disparate systems, is not the answer. The ideal solution is to enhance the systems that individuals already use on a daily basis—such as Microsoft Office®—to increase efficiency and save time. 

From this idea, OfficeReports was born. The OfficeReports user interface consists of ribbon tabs and task panes in Excel and PowerPoint, allowing access to ALL the functionality of Microsoft Office as an integrated part of the reporting process. Our goal is to make it easy for you to create survey reports, even without a technical background, and to do that from within the familiar interface of Microsoft Office.

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