Whether you need an extra set of hands to complete your survey reporting project or you are an OfficeReports’ user who needs some expert advice, we have the right service to fit your needs. Our comprehensive customer support and consulting services are some of the best in the industry, as our team provides an expert extension to your own internal resources.

Consulting Help for Data Analysis and Reporting

OfficeReports offers full-service consulting to all of our clients, at any level of support you may need. Tap into our team of experts to troubleshoot simple questions about using the solution all the way scheduling easy-to-understand workshops for your team.

Short on time? Only have to do a report once in a while and do not want to learn a new solution? We can do the job for you. Engage with us to set up report templates with the look and feel you want, do your tabulation work and much more. 


Specific services include:


In some cases report automation can get a bit more complicated, which means you might have to understand some of the more advanced functionality we offer. We create tailor-made workshops to help your team understand the functionality needed for taking care of your report production and skip the functionality that is not important for you. We can make your team more productive, and that is a very good investment. Contact us today.


We can create report templates for you, so you only have to use OfficeReports to (mass) generate your (periodical) reports. If you do not want to have anything to do with creating the reports, we can take care of your complete report production. All we need is the raw data and an example of a final PowerPoint presentation. We're sure you'll find that our offer is the best available on the market today. Contact us here and we will be in touch.

Data Tabulation

OfficeReports is the perfect tool for fast creation of crosstab reports. We can create these useful reports for you at a very competitive price. When you use this service, you also can use OfficeReports yourself to add additional tables and charts to your survey report. Read more about our tabulation service here.

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