Starting with raw data

OfficeReports features a comprehensive crosstab tool with the capability to import an array of data sources including SPSS, Excel record files, CSV, and SurveyMonkey, among others.

It offers an array of essential functionalities including weighting, significance tests, and correlation analysis. Our tool directly crafts editable tables within an Excel workbook, presenting them in a layout of your preference. This crosstab tool is accessible for both Excel and PowerPoint, facilitating seamless integration into your workflow.


Starting with crosstabs in Excel

Within OfficeReports, you'll find the advanced 'MR Lookup Table' search function, designed to effortlessly extract the needed details from your crosstabs, including significance data.

Moreover, MR Lookup Tables possess the capability to draw data from numerous crosstabs while also offering the convenience of sorting and formatting options.

MR Lookup Tables comprise the required data for populating PowerPoint tables and charts, capable of illustrating significance using icons such as arrows.