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Survey Reporting

Want “insights impact”?

No matter the job function or role in an organization, every individual and team is under increasing pressure to prove their value in tangible, measurable ways. How is what you do every day positively impacting business goals? What is the return on investment the company is getting from your deliverables?

For market research teams, this means showing how the insights they deliver directly impact essential parts of the business and positively influence decision making. Did the data from a market research project lead the organization to focus sales efforts on a specific product or region that proved fruitful? Were you able to pull insights quickly from the data in order to answer a C-team business question in a timely manner? Was your marketing team able to better understand audience needs based on your data reports, so that communications and messaging led to conversions?

The first step in answering these questions and proving value is to make sure that data reporting processes are easy to execute, with reports that can be updated quickly with new or additional data. Data reporting formats need to be common enough to be shared among stakeholders at all levels of an organization. If the reports can only be read by skilled researchers, then insights aren’t as easily distributed and understood - and value is lost.

While many inroads have been made in complex, cloud-based reporting options, there is only one ubiquitous platform for sharing data and insights: PowerPoint. With 500 million people around the world who use this program (probably a low estimate), it’s a fair guess that data reports delivered in PowerPoint will be accessible, consumable and easily shared with all the people that need them. There’s always a lot of chatter about new ways to create and share data reports, but the reality is that there is only one universal program for the task.  


However, in the past, researchers have had to go through multiple manual steps to ultimately create their data reporting slides in PowerPoint. Whether starting with aggregate data or raw data, going back and forth between Excel and PowerPoint, or even cutting and pasting data and manually creating slides, there have historically been several tedious steps in the data reporting process. 


Now, OfficeReports offers a better way. With our new Intelligo release, you can access an integrated Excel workbook pane that allows you to accomplish all your work right inside PowerPoint, so you can populate charts and data reports with one simple step. You can create multiple slides quickly. Slides can be copied along with their associated tables all at the same time, so that when you change the variables the slide is automatically updated. Complex reporting is easy by copying one defined slide template for use with other variables to create a complete presentation of the data. And that’s just a few of the things this powerful solution can do.


If you want “insights impact” in your organization, and want to prove the value of the work you are doing, then you need to deliver your data in universally accessible, highly recognizable PowerPoint slides. To do this quickly, accurately and remove manual steps, you need OfficeReports’ Intelligo to streamline your workflow. Want to know more? Contact us for a demo or download your free trial today.