Eliminate manual, error-prone steps in your survey reporting process. Quick, accurate reports are now within reach! OfficeReports integrates directly into programs you already know well: PowerPoint and Excel. Our automated approach handles the process from raw data to final report presentation. 

From the OfficeReports ribbon tabs in Excel and PowerPoint you can produce all the crosstabs (including statistical tests) needed for your reporting and link the results directly to PowerPoint. When your data or filters change, all tables, charts, images and texts are updated automatically, so you can always share the latest, most accurate results. Contact us if you'd like to know more! 

The Concept

At OfficeReports we believe that, depending on the layout, some crosstabs are more usable for analytics and others are more usable for reporting. With this in mind, OfficeReports can create crosstabs in both Analytics and Reporting Layouts. The 'reporting' layout concentrates on the information the user would like to report visually in PowerPoint. To support creation of even complex reports, users can define up to four levels of filtering. Finally, OfficeReports links the content of Excel ranges to tables, charts and shapes in PowerPoint, and can keep these links up-to-date. Background colors are automatically converted to PowerPoint shapes, like arrows, and specific texts can be automatically converted to logo images or other visual data representations.

Users can refresh the workbook using other filters or new data, which in turn refreshes the presentation. This makes OfficeReports the perfect tool for the automation of reporting tracking surveys and mass-generated survey reports, such as 360 degree feedback surveys. Please read our case study telling the story of a major information provider using OfficeReports to automate an industrial-scale reporting operation.

The 'Report Builder'

The Report Builder can be used both for ad-hoc survey report generation and for creating automated report templates for tracking surveys. The ‘Report Builder’ is integrated directly into Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, and the new solution can reduce the time to create reports by up to 90 percent. You can read more about the Report Builder here.

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