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PowerPoint Data Visualization

Conditional Formatting in PowerPoint

With OfficeReports Presento, you have the ability to apply Excel's conditional formatting in PowerPoint. This means you can change the fill and font colors in PowerPoint shapes, tables, and charts based on the values they contain, making it easy to create e.g. heatmaps. It is also possible to show 'Color-Driven' icons in tables and charts. This means you can show e.g. different arrow shapes in tables and charts depending on the fill and font color in Excel.

Here a few examples of slides using conditional formatting:

 Conditional Formatting Slides


OfficeReports Presento links Excel cells to shapes, tables, and charts in PowerPoint. When you establish this link, you can ensure that the shapes, tables, and charts in PowerPoint match the background and/or font colors of the cells in Excel.

Presento brings an Excel workbook into PowerPoint, showing it in a special area. If you haven't set up the special formatting in Excel yet, you can even do it directly in PowerPoint



Conditional Formatting in PowerPoint



Here is an interesting blog post you might want to look at explaining more about conditional formatting and when to use absolute reference versus relative reference: conditional formatting rules simplified. And here a complete tutorial: use conditional formatting in Excel.


Read more about OfficeReports Presento here, and learn what more you can do than ppt conditional formatting.


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