New survey analysis menu for Microsoft® Office is launched

With the newly released version5, the OfficeReports data analysis and reporting menu for Microsoft® Office is now also available in Excel.


Copenhagen, Denmark (3 February 2015) — OfficeReports, a data analysis and reporting menu within the Microsoft Office suite, just released a new version which makes the OfficeReports menu available in Excel as well. Previous versions already enabled researchers and data analysts to create reports in PowerPoint® and Word. OfficeReports converts Excel, PowerPoint and Word into survey analysis and reporting programs capable of reading raw data and producing all of the complex cross-tabular and statistical analysis that professional researchers typically need.

Fred Balkenende, Co-Founder and Chief System Architect says: “The OfficeReports menu in PowerPoint and Word is often used for report automation, generating many similar reports at the time. The menu in Excel should make OfficeReports more suitable for ad-hoc reporting.”

Torben Laustsen, CEO of OfficeReports says: “Besides all the necessary statistical functionality, OfficeReports enables you to create a lot of chart types which are time consuming to make manually in Excel. For example, charts with mean boxes, diverging charts and NPS charts are standard charts in OfficeReports. ”

OfficeReports is provided as a simple download, which adds data analysis capabilities as a new menu in both Word and PowerPoint. This includes creating new variables and crosstabs, defining filtering, weighting and statistical testing and refining the output formats.  OfficeReports outputs, which are standard XML Office documents (.XLSX, .DOCX and .PPTX) can be shared freely with any other Microsoft Office user.

A short video introduces the solution: