Tracking Survey Reporting

Starting with data that is already aggregated, such as crosstabs? Or do you need to process raw survey data, such as SPSS files? Either way, OfficeReports has a solution that will streamline your process, save you time and efficiently generate your insights reports.

  • For already aggregated data, Presento Premium can automate your reporting and create your report(s) for new waves of data in just a few clicks.
  • If you also use raw data (like e.g. SPSS data), Intelligo Premium can handle all of your reporting needs with advanced functionality, even when you do not have crosstabs created in advance. 
Presento Premium

Presento Premium

Presento Premium makes your static, aggregated data tables come alive. You can change the order of the categories, sort rows and columns and - in case the table contains significance info - define a specific pairwise significance test (such as comparing to the previous column), which easily is visualized using, for example, arrows on your slide.

Intelligo Premium

Intelligo Premium

With Intelligo Premium you are able to create your report template fast and keep it updated in a matter of minutes. Intelligo Premium handles the reporting from both aggregated data and raw survey data. For the most complex reports we recommend creating the reports on top of SPSS data files. Our clients are using OfficeReports to efficiently and easily manage their complex international tracking studies.

Bulk Generation of reports

Generating multiple reports for different countries, departments, brands and/or teams is no problem using Intelligo Premium and its advanced 'hierarchy filters' functionality. You can also update existing presentations with new or changed data, or create custom slides.

Please contact us for more information.


Intelligo Premium

Intelligo Premium

With Intelligo Premium you are able to create your report template quickly, and then generate thousands of reports using the same template. It works seamlessly, even if the number of rows/columns vary by report.

Some of our happy customers

Experienced survey researchers that switch to OfficeReports are reporting five- to ten-fold time-savings when producing charts and tables, compared with using other tools.

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