Reporting in Excel and PowerPoint

OfficeReports launches “Report Builder” for fast survey reporting in Microsoft Office

Copenhagen, Denmark - 12 February 2020 - OfficeReports, a leader in survey reporting automation, today released its “Report Builder,” which can be used both for ad-hoc survey report generation and for creating automated report templates for tracking surveys. The ‘Report Builder’ is integrated directly into Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, and the new solution can reduce the time to create reports by up to 90 percent.


“By allowing the user to define how specific variables need to be reported, we have been able to create an intelligent ‘Report Builder’ feature for automating most of the reporting process,” said Torben Laustsen, CEO of OfficeReports. “Historically, this process has taken multiple steps, and left much room for error. With this new feature, researchers can significantly speed up report production processes and better meet the demands of an industry calling for faster and faster insights.”

“Report Builder” offers the only solution on the market that allows this method of fast reporting in multiple, shareable templates. After standardizing their reports and determining how specific variables should be reported, users can then use the Report Builder to easily indicate which variables should be used in the tables and charts of the different slides. In some cases, these specifications can be made for multiple slides in just a few clicks. From here, the Report Builder will automatically generate all the needed tables in Excel, and create a presentation that is directly linked to the results in Excel. The result is a finished report, which can be quickly and easily updated with new data.


The new solution complements OfficeReports’ vision for: 


  • Saving multiple manual steps in a traditional survey data to reporting process through advanced use of automation
  • Integrating seamlessly in both Excel and PowerPoint, linking the programs together for error-free, fast reporting functionality
  • Balancing the need for user-control and automated functions to massively speed up reporting time


For a slideshare demo of the new feature, please visit:



Fred Balkenende