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Reporting in Excel and PowerPoint

Streamline your market research technology adoption

One trending “side effect” of the current pandemic is widespread technology adoption, as people try to stay connected both personally and professionally. This has accelerated the digital curve, and businesses will soon feel the impact and pressure to adopt new solutions. According to this recent article in Forbes, market researchers will also need to shift their approach when it comes to primary research as brands “need to reset their understanding of their customers and consumers, and they need to do so in a more continuous and agile way than they have needed to before.”


There’s just one small problem. The challenge with new technology adoption has long been a possible disruption to workflows. As people struggle with large learning curves, or attempt to force tools from outside the industry to work for research-specific tasks, timelines can actually be delayed. This feels overwhelming to many, as they attempt to meet tight deadlines and high levels of demand. 


As we emerge from global crisis, speeding up technology adoption will truly no longer be a choice. Companies must future-proof their businesses, or they will fail. In market research, there are several steps you can take to deliver on new demands, without severely disrupting workflows:


  • Use programs that your team already knows well. Learning new software is a struggle in any industry. Microsoft Office had 1.2 billion users in 2015, and that number is likely even bigger today. The likelihood of your staff members knowing their way around Excel and PowerPoint is extremely high. With OfficeReports, you can add a ribbon tab to these familiar programs to add robust data reporting functionality.

  • Find a vendor that is a strong support partner. With any new solution, no matter how intuitive, there will be a chance that users will need assistance. Find a partner with multiple options available from training workshops, one-on-one help and even consulting to help you finish projects on time. At OfficeReports, we have a comprehensive customer support offering that can help clients minimize disruption to their workflows and keep delivery schedules moving.

  • Use solutions that are made for market research. There are a lot of smart people in the market research industry. Many of them have developed solutions that fit the specific needs of the researcher. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to make a solution from another industry - popular as it may be - try to do complicated market research tasks like weighting and advanced statistics. OfficeReports has decades of experience in the industry, operating in 25+ countries around the world. We understand the unique needs of insights professionals, and our solution illustrates this knowledge.

The need for connectivity and digital transformation is only speeding up. Market research companies will need to look to solutions that will speed up their data analytics, survey data reporting and visualization, without disruption. We can help!