Reporting in Excel and PowerPoint

Conditional Formatting in PowerPoint

Using OfficeReports Presento, you can use conditional formatting in PowerPoint. This enables formatting the background and font color in PowerPoint shapes, -tables and -charts depending on the containing value(s).

Here a few examples of slides using conditional formatting:

 Conditional Formatting Slides


OfficeReports Presento links ranges of Excel cells to PowerPoint shapes, tables and charts. As part of this 'link' you can choose to 'use' the background and/or font color from the cells in the range in PowerPoint.

OfficeReports Presento attaches an Excel workbook to a PowerPoint presentation, and shows the attached workbook inside PowerPoint in a Pane. If the conditional formatting is not yet defined in the workbook, you can even define it from within PowerPoint:


Conditional Formatting in PowerPoint



In this blog post, you can read how to turn these background colors into icons in PowerPoint. An other interesting blog post you might want to look at explains more about conditional formatting and when to use absolute reference versus relative reference: conditional formatting rules simplified. And here a complete tutorial: use conditional formatting in Excel.


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