What do I get?

You will have to share your raw data and the design of the final presentation with us (off course, we sign a NDA if you want us to), and we will take responsibility for creating the deliveries you need. we run these kind of projects in 4 phases:

1. In the final report, we will find the different 'slide types'. Mostly some of the different slide layouts are used over and over again. In OfficeReports, we tackle one slide type at the time, because we can 'reuse' our work and create the other slides with the same layout almost automatically.

2. We import the raw data in Excel and create a sheet for 'slide type'. If necessary, we do recoding of the imported variables, and then create the numbers we need on the slides. We document everything we do, and if some slides are a bit alike, you will have to create some of the 'slide types'. The best way to learn how it works!

3. We link the ranges from the worksheets to the corresponding slides. Again, we let you do what you can do.

4. Once we are finished with one slide of all the different slide types, the rest is done by you, and we will tell you how. From here, OfficeReports has copy/paste functionality that makes it easy to finish the report.

The result

You will have the deliveries you need to send to your customer, and you will have a document describing how it all was done. You will understand how OfficeReports works and know that OfficeReports can do what you need it to.

Now, you can decide if you want to use OfficeReports for other deliveries as well.

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