OfficeReports launches the ’Market Research Pivot Table’ in Excel®

Survey data can now be analyzed in a new kind of Pivot Table in Excel supporting statistical tests and median.


Copenhagen, Denmark (February 20, 2018) — OfficeReports Analytics, a data analysis and crosstab tool add-in for Microsoft® Excel, just released version 8, which treats all tables creates using OfficeReports as Pivot Tables. A pane on the side let’s you change the variables and filters. This new Pivot Table is tailor-made for analysis in the Market Research industry, since it can show both count and percent, and on top of that supports weighting and T-tests and Z-tests for 2 significance levels at the same time. It can also show other statistics like ‘Medians’. This is not possible in the Excel PivotTable®.

Torben Laustsen, co-founder and CEO of OfficeReports says: “The new version of OfficeReports Analytics makes it really easy to analyze your research data directly in Excel. You can turn your raw data into a Pivot Table in seconds, even if the data is stored in other formats like e.g. the SPSS ‘sav’ format”.

Fred Balkenende, co-founder and responsible for development says: “The ordinary Excel PivotTable is lacking a lot of statistical functionality in those cases where we are dealing with samples. OfficeReports Analytics adds not only significance tests, but also weighting and low base notation. Adding OfficeReports Analytics to the already extensive analytics capacities of Excel itself, makes Excel a very powerful crosstab tool for Market Research. You do not need a stand-alone crosstab tool anymore, you can do it all in Excel.”

OfficeReports is provided as a simple download which adds data analysis capabilities as a new ribbon in Excel. This includes recoding of variables and cross-tabs, defining filtering, weighting and statistical testing and refining the output formats. Licenses for professional users cost the equivalent $25 - 75 (US) per month, but there is a free version available. OfficeReports outputs, which are standard XML Office documents (.XLSX and .PPTX) can be shared freely with any other Microsoft Office user.