Calculo FREE Pro Premium
Monthly Subscription   $129 $179
Yearly Subscription   $1128 $1572
Free Support      
• Online Help, Videos 
• Free Support via chat, support meetings and support requests  
• Import raw data from SPSS, Excel, CSV and Triple-S
• Connect directly to SurveyMonkey and Alchemer
• Import/Merge multiple Datasets
• Maximum number of respondents 2500 10000 unlimited
Data Editior      
• Variable View & Data View
• Recoding Variables
• Search & Replace
Tables and Charts      
• All Basic Statistics (incl. Confidence interval, Chi Square & Median)
• Unlimited number of Banner points
• Nested tables - 2 level banner tables
• Sort Rows and Columns
• Mark categories that should not be sorted
• NPS & Top/Bottom N Reporting
• Localize texts for Total, Base, Mean, Median etc.
• Grid Tables (containing many variables)
• Table Filter
• Report Filter  
• Aggregate Variables  
• Advanced Category Settings (Ignore Filters/Compare)  
• Apply Weighting  
• Z-Test (Column Proportions)  
• Student's T-Test (Column Means)  
• Low Base notification: 2 levels by optional characters  
Advanced Functionality      
• Filtering on 2-levels (Report & Table)  
• Ignore Filters (from other levels)  
• Sort Like (another table or range)  
• Welch's T-Test (Column Means)  
• T-Test/Z-Test using unweighted base or effective base  
• Define which columns should be tested against each other  
• Testing columns pairwise: Show significance as font- or background-color  
• Create Weighting Variables (RIM)  
• Correlation  
• Second Pairwise SigTest in same table  
• Aggregate Tables    
• Performance Tables    
• Insert many tables and charts in one step
• Copy and Paste table/chart and edit it
• Copy worksheet incl tables and charts
• Summary Report & Analytics Report
• Define Worksheet filters
Report Automation      
• Filtering on 3-levels (Report & Table & Table Column)  
• Hierachy Report Filters (for tracking surveys and generating many reports)  
• "Compset" functionality (International Brand Comparison)  
• Save Report as a Template  
• Generate Reports (using different filters, 3 hierarchy levels available)  
• MS Office VBA-Macro Integration