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Survey Reporting

Why working in Excel is the best way to create your survey reports

Excel is used by an estimated 750 million people worldwide. This widespread adoption means that there is a level of comfort with the program that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. In the market research industry, thousands of solutions—new ones of which pop up on a monthly basis—claim to take on some part of the research process and do it faster, better and more cost-effectively. There are intrinsic challenges when adopting new solutions like these, specifically a steep learning curve and possible workflow disruption.


Excel has such a wide user base that it doesn’t face these same issues. Familiarity with the program means that researchers can begin using it right away to crunch the data and create reports. However, this process has traditionally been quite manual, somewhat error prone and lacking in the data analysis functionality that applies specifically to market research projects. 


These challenges can be easily overcome with the integration of the OfficeReports solution. Our seamless “ribbon tab” integration allows researchers to harness the combined power of Excel and Office Reports for survey reporting. Using our automated features, you can: 


  • Quickly create crosstab reports, and easily update all your interactive charts and tables with new data through a single click of a button
  • Easily import data from nearly all major data collection platforms, such as Survey Monkey, Qualtrics and Confirmit,  as well as datasets in SPSS, Excel and CSV formats
  • Access advanced statistics like T-Test, Z-test, Pearson correlation and weighting of data
  • Copy worksheets with new filters, sort tables and charts on any row or column, recode variables and more


Integration and adoption of new technology doesn’t need to be a time-consuming headache. You can use a program interface that you already know well—Microsoft Excel—and keep your productivity at a high level. With our advanced use of automation, you can process your raw data and create your survey reports quickly and efficiently. 


Excel Reporting for Surveys


Fred Balkenende