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Reporting in Excel and PowerPoint

An organization-wide data mindset is within your reach

One of the market research industry’s largest events to go virtual recently is the TMRE conference, generally held each fall in the U.S. What you may not know is that Informa Connect, which holds multiple conferences each year, also hosts a blog called “The Research Insighter.” A recent article on the blog had a statement in it that resonated with us: “For a data-driven culture to take hold where you work, it has to permeate the organization and be championed by the leadership team through their actions and expectations.”


While this particular piece was about training your team to be “data-literate,” a noble goal, there are a few things that need to happen to enable this process in the first place. In order to empower audiences with data - whether they be employees or stakeholders at client companies - the data must first be presented in a format that is democratized, digestible and understandable by people with diverse skills and backgrounds. 


Collecting, combining and analyzing the data are vital steps that can be streamlined for speed and efficiency using a number of automated technologies. But if you want to make data insights accessible for the masses, it is the data reporting and visualization piece that is the most important and meaningful. 


And for the insights to have any impact on people’s decision making processes, they need to be delivered quickly and easily updated with fresh data as it comes in. Whether it is data surrounding consumer’s reactions to a brand or product, sales numbers or employee feedback information, new data is constantly pouring in. Being able to provide the latest numbers, in as close to real-time as possible, helps boost the value of your data reporting. Being able to present those numbers in a medium that everyone can use is a vital piece of the puzzle. 


No matter whom you are sharing insights and data reports with, the likelihood is that they are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint. With this ubiquitous program, you can ensure data reporting and visualizations are understandable and require no special skills or solutions to view. OfficeReports allows you to link your data analytics results direct to to PowerPoint. When your data or filters change, all tables, charts, images and texts are updated automatically, so you can always share the latest, most accurate results. 


Start at the beginning to empower your constituents, whether they are your clients, colleagues or other partners, with data. Give them data reporting in a format that they can easily comprehend, absorb and start using in their decision making processes. In fact, you’ll probably see this format used often in the upcoming TMRE conference during the virtual sessions - good, old PowerPoint slides!