Reporting in Excel and PowerPoint

Our new case study shows how you can save 70% on your survey reporting!

We are excited to announce that we have released new case study on automating an industrial-scale reporting operation! Our survey reporting solution boosted quality, speed and accuracy of major consumer information provider’s reports by 70%... Read on for more information:


OfficeReports, a leader in survey reporting automation, today released a new case study with a global business information provider that provides a range of benchmarking and syndicated industry-specific reports based on customer insights. The new study uncovers how the company, which produces reports for more than 100 sector-specific studies in Microsoft PowerPoint every year, was able to streamline and standardize its complex reporting. The OfficeReports solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel, providing the company with increased accuracy and time savings of more than 70 percent. 


“OfficeReports is very very robust. We’ve had various homegrown tools, but for us, OfficeReports is the answer. There isn’t another solution to do what we need and believe me I don’t say this anecdotally, because we looked,” said the project lead, as quoted in the study. “They have done a fantastic job whenever we need help and are always partner-focused.”


The challenge lay in the fact that the firm needed standardized templates built and then to have the ability to automatically populate these templates. Doing this by hand not only took massive amounts of time, but also left room for errors in the data. OfficeReports has the precise functionality, both from a software and services standpoint, to address these challenges. Work at the company has now shifted away from repetitively filling files with data into focusing on quality and accuracy of the reports. The company has been able to increase efficiency company-wide, and also facilitate better sharing of knowledge.


Just a few of the results that are showcased in the new case study include: 

  • Speed to results: 60 to 70% reduction in turnaround times - deliverables that previously required up to 15 days to process are now produced within three to five days.
  • Cost savings: 70% of the annual cost-saving target has been achieved within six months, improving the profitability of a high-cost activity.
  • Time savings: 80-90% of staff time using OfficeReports was to set up templates that would be used over and over. Populating these templates with data is done automatically in minutes, rather than taking days or weeks by hand. 

To view the full case study, please read: Syndicated Research - Report Automation 


Fred Balkenende