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Survey Reporting

Check all the boxes when it comes to your reporting

Does your team struggle with ways to take primary survey data and quickly and efficiently turn this data into PowerPoint slides? This is a common challenge in the market research industry, because PowerPoint is still the default and primary deliverable for most teams. The reality is that making this leap requires a large amount of manual work.

OfficeReports has the ONLY survey reporting solution that is fully integrated into Microsoft Office. By utilizing a solution that acts as a seamless extension of Office, we turn Excel and PowerPoint into a comprehensive analytical and report automation suite for researchers. OfficeReports provides the capability to access crosstab functionality and produce automated PowerPoint reports simultaneously.  This allows research teams to leapfrog time-consuming tasks and speed up survey reporting process from start to finish. 


As indicated in the grid below, it is easy to see how other solutions address pieces of the process, but not the task in its entirety. In addition, many competitors require that users migrate their existing workflow onto their proprietary platforms, which is disruptive and difficult to implement.  OfficeReports uses the existing survey reporting paradigm - which operates within the foundation of Microsoft Office - and makes it more efficient. 


In short, OfficeReports reduces the friction between data and reporting, allowing you to “do what you do” with integrated functionality that makes your job easier, faster and more efficient at every turn. 

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Fred Balkenende