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Survey Reporting

Agility takes on new meaning for consumer insights and beyond

An “Agile” marketing approach allows teams to address “rapidly shifting priorities as today’s landscape changes on a dime.” The American Marketing Association covers the renewed interest and growth of this process, as marketing teams seek to solve problems and address challenges in the face of extreme complexity. 


The Agile approach to teamwork, which developed nearly 20 years ago and has proven itself in the tech industry, has taken on new significance today. This is just one example of the need to think differently to address the challenges inherent in today’s uncertain environment. 


The fact is that even the words “agile” and “nimble” aren’t just aspirational concepts anymore. We must, in fact, deliver on these concepts in a very real way in order to keep up. In the market research space, this impacts the collection, processing, analyzation and reporting of our survey data. We must be able to add new data quickly as the marketplace changes, and adopt streamlined approaches to delivering insights.  


Anyone who has watched the market research industry grow and change over the past few decades - and particularly during the upheaval of 2020 - can see that we’ve been building up to this moment. Each step that the industry has taken is leading us down a path of demands for instant insights, that are easily updated with new data and easily shared with others in a digestible format. We must stand at the ready to report on, and even predict, what a changing consumer will do next. 


Our clients have said that the ability to deliver insights quickly and nimbly with OfficeReports is one of the things that they like best about data analysis and survey reporting with our tool. They’ve called us a “game changer” for automating their data reporting, and allowing them to boost efficiency and speed. We know how important these features are to the researcher; our depth of experience in the industry means that we understand the specific needs that they need to process, analyze and report on complex data. They need agility! 


The Agile marketing method to teamwork that is covered in the AMA article is just one example of the need - across industries - to be able to meet and exceed client demands, even if these demands change on a daily basis. Upon reading the piece, this notion rang true to us, as the market researcher’s closeness to the consumer puts us on the frontlines of a quickly changing marketplace. This reality is pushing us toward agile approaches on a daily basis, so important decisions can be grounded in the latest data. It’s vital to have the right, agile solution to deliver on these expectations.