Analytics Screenshot
Analytics Screenshot

Interactive cross-tabs in Excel

OfficeReports Analytics adds a complete cross-tab tool in Excel. It can import data from i.a. Excel and SPSS or it can connect to your SurveyMonkey and SurveyGizmo surveys. Analytics let's you create interactive banner tables (cross-tabs). Advanced Statistics like T-Test, Z-test and Pearson correlation are available. The 'Analytics Pane' becomes visible as soon as you add a table, or when you click in a cell of an existing table. In the pane, all the features are available so you can change the table any time you want. Click on the picture on the right to see a screenshot showing the same table in 2 different layouts.

Chart with base and significance info
Chart with base and significance info


See how OfficeReports can increase your productivity:

  • OfficeReports Analytics let's you create a single table at the time, or generate many tables at once.
  • All tables are interactive and can be changed and updated at any time.
  • You can copy a sheet and define a new filter for all tables on the copied sheet
  • You can start creating the tables even before all data is collected. Just import the missing data later, click the Refresh button and the whole report is updated with the new data.
Simple table from numerical info like 'Age'
Simple table from numerical info like 'Age'

Pivot Table/Chart

Using the settings pane, tables and charts created using OfficeReports are just like pivot tables. You can keep on changing variables, filters and settings. You cannot do the following in Excel's PivotTable, but with OfficeReports you can!

  • T-Test
  • Z-Test
  • Weighting
  • Low base notation
  • Median

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