Attach a Workbook

Attch Workbook  in the presento Ribbon Tab


  1. Create or Open a Presentation: Begin by creating a new presentation or opening an existing one in PowerPoint.
  2. Access the 'Presento' Ribbon Tab: Look for the 'Presento' ribbon tab in your PowerPoint application.
  3. Attach Your Workbook: Click on the 'Attach Workbook' option within the 'Presento' ribbon tab.
  4. Select Your Data Source: Choose the Excel workbook that contains the data you want to visualize in your PowerPoint presentation.


As soon as the workbook is attached, you are ready set the correct settings and start populating tables, charts and shapes with data from the workbook and use all other functionality available in our ribbon tab.

Note: The chosen workbook will be copied to the same folder as the presentation, and will be given the same name as the presentation. If you want another Presento user which does not have access to this folder to work on the presentation, make sure to send both the presentation and the workbook.


Detach Workbook

When you finished creating the presentation, you can detach the workbook and remove all the (hidden) information Presento has added to the presentation. You only should do this when sending the presentation to someone who also has installed Presento and should not be able to work with the presentation. After detaching the workbook, all information about which ranges are linked to which tables, charts and shapes is lost!

Note: If this is a reports you need to create again for some other period/brand/people, please make sure you have a copy of the files where the presentation is still attached to the workbook, so you can continue using Presento with these files!