The Help Pane

Use the OfficeReports Help Pane to help you learning how to use OfficeReports. By keeping the pane visible and the 'Context Sensitive' box checked, the pane will always provide help for your current situation. Use the search box if you are looking for help on a specific topic.

Using OfficeReports

This workbook already contains data. From here you have the following options:

Import/Merge Data

You can import more data or merge data with the current data set. Please have a look at the following video:

Import Data video

You can read more about Importing and merging data here: Import Data

Recoding the Variables

In case the variables are not structured the way you need them, you might have to 'recode' them. This includes among others converting numeric variables to intervals, converting date variables to periods and grouping variables. Please have a look at the video:

Data Editor video

You can read more about recoding variables here: Recoding Variables

Creating Tables

When you are ready to start creating tables, just use the 'Table' menu from the OfficeReports ribbon. Please read more about the Different Table Types and the Report Settings and have a look at the video below:

Create Table video

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