Data in OfficeReports

OfficeReports Calculo and Intelligo work with raw data, which can be imported from different data sources like SPSS and Excel. On import, OfficeReports stores the data in its own database in a format that is optimized for fast calculation of tables and charts.

Supported Data formats

It is possible to import SPSS sav-files, Excel workbooks, Triple-S and CSV files. OfficeReports can connect directly to your SurveyMonkey and SurveyGizmo projects. It is also possible to connect to most kinds of databases.

The OfficeReports Database

The database is saved in the same folder with the same name as the workbook (or presentation) you are working on:

OfficeReports files: The workbook and the database

If you want to make a backup, you need to backup both files!

NB: If you want to continue working in another folder or on another workstation, you need to move or copy both files!

When you open a workbook with OfficeReports data, OfficeReports will create a copy of the database in the folder "C:\Users\Public\OfficeReports\Databases". This is the database OfficeReports will be using, and every time you save the workbook, the original database is overwritten. In case the workbook is not closed properly (crash, power failure, network problems etc.), OfficeReports is able to see that and will ask you if you want to use the ‘unsaved’ database.

In case you want to work in a new location, but forget to copy the database as well, OfficeReports might be able to see that as well. OfficeReports checks if there are tables in the workbook, which are not defined in the database, and OfficeReports checks if the timestamps from the workbook and the database are not too much different. In case there might be a problem OfficeReports will give you a warning, and will let you know how you can solve the problem.


Reporting using OfficeReports always starts by importing the data.

After importing survey data, you get an overview in the Data Editor. Here you can also recode the variables.