Tracking Survey Reporting

Reporting the next wave is very easy as soon as the report template is created using OfficeReports. When the data for the next wave is ready, here are the things we have to do:


1. Import the data

2. Check the Report Filters - we might have to change one of the filters to the newest period.

3. Check if periods are part of any of the variables used in a table banner. We probably have to add the newest period to these variables. This is sometimes easiest done using the 'Formula Editor'. If we still want to report the same number of periods, we also delete the oldest period from these variables. In case we have a category 'Last period' somewhere, we will also have to change the formula of this category.


That's all. Click 'Refresh' and all tables will be updated using the newest data.



After updating the workbook, just click 'Refresh' in PowerPoint, and the presentation is up-to-date again!



You can download an example of a Tracking Survey Report here, which compares virtual Beer Brands. This example is also used for mass-generation of reports.