You can create Tables using the 'Tables' menu buttons in the OfficeReports ribbon tab or by drag and drop from the Data Editor. You can read more about that here. You can edit a table in the OfficeReports App by double-clicking it.

Using OfficeReports, you can off course create ordinary frequency and cross tables. In case you want multiple variables in the same table using the same banner, you can create a 'grid' table.

Here an example of a 'Grid-Table':


Depending on whether you are working on output in Excel or output in PowerPoint, OfficeReports will use either the selected 'PowerPoint' Table Layout or the selected 'Excel' Table Layout. These defaults are defined in the 'Layout Settings' which pops up when clicking 'Table Layout' in the OfficeReports ribbon tab. Click here to read more about the different Table Layouts.

Here an example of a regular table in 'Excel' Layout: