Save as Template

Save as Template in the OfficeReports Ribbon Tab

Using Repetitive Reports requires an Automation or Analytics Pro license. Often the creator of a report will need to display the same kind of information for different periods. For example, a company conducted a customer satisfaction survey in 2019. In 2020 the company has conducted the exact same survey with almost the same questions and response options. To save time, it would be very beneficial just to reuse the report that was made in 2019, but replace the data in the tables and charts using the data from 2020. This is possible using the ‘Save as Report Template’ function.

Clicking `Save as Report Template´ will delete all data from the report, but keeps the table definitions etc.. If the new data set will look quite different you might want to answer 'Yes' to the question if you want a 'Generic Template', which pops up when saving as a template.

Generic template Question From


To use the template, just open the workbook . The following window will pop up:

Save as Template Form

Please fill out the fields, and the new data set will be imported. Click 'refresh Report' to update all tables and charts.

'Clean the Report' will delete all variables which are not part of the new dataset, and will also delete all tables and charts using these 'missing' variables.