Edit table layout - Areas

Select a table layout and a table based on example date is displayed right to the OfficeReports Layout pane.

Each Text and Value area in a table can now be customized in terms of font, font size, font color, fill color etc.:

Table Area defintion


Row 1, Row 2 (only cross) and Column 1

The text areas can be defined based on these settings :


Another Table Area definition

Count, Percentage, Base, Total, Mean, Std. Deviation

The value areas can be defined based on these settings:

  • Font (size, style etc.)
  • Font color
  • Alignment
  • ObserveCharacters added to show low/insufficient base and/or significance will be displyed to the right side of numbers, when using Center or Left alignment. Left side, when using Right alignment

    Define custom Number formatting

  • fill color
  • Angle
  • Decimals
  • Custom Format
  • Observe

    By using Custom Format, you can define a layout where numbers always includes a ‘$’ or percentages should not include a percentage sign. You can use all the format settings as available in Excel ‘Custom format’: