Troubleshooting – The OfficeReports ribbon tab is missing

When the ribbon tab is missing, please do the following 2 steps to get the menu back.

First: Check if OfficeReports is disabled

If you have run into an error on your computer while working on OfficeReports, you might see this message, when restarting Excel or PowerPoint:

In this situation, please select ‘No’, so that the OfficeReports menu is not disabled from your Excel/PowerPoint menu!

If the OfficeReports menu is disabled you must do the following:

  • Enter Excel -> File -> Options -> Add-ins
  • In the bottom of this window select ‘Manage Disabled' items:


  • Press the ‘Go...' button, and enable OfficeReports again if it is in the disabled-list.
  • Close Excel


Whether OfficeReports was disabled or not, always Reregister OfficeReports, as described in the next chapter.

The procedure in PowerPoint is similar.

Second: Reregister OfficeReports

Please do the following:

First, close all open Excel workbooks and PowerPoint presentations. In the Windows Start menu>All Apps please find the OfficeReports folder. Click on the OfficeReports icon (NOT the 'OfficeReports App' icon!) and this window will pop-up:

Press ‘Unregister’ and directly after that click ‘Register’.

Now check if the OfficeReports menu is back again.

If this is not solving the issue, please contact OfficeReports Support at

Video: Reactivate OfficeReports