Troubleshooting – The OfficeReports ribbon tab is missing

When the ribbon tab is missing, please do the following 2 steps to get the menu back.

First: Check if OfficeReports is disabled

If you have run into an error on your computer while working on OfficeReports, you might see this message, when restarting Excel or PowerPoint:

addin problems message

In this situation, please select ‘No’, so that the OfficeReports menu is not disabled from your Excel/PowerPoint menu!

If the OfficeReports menu is disabled you must do the following:

  • Enter Excel -> File -> Options -> Add-ins
  • In the bottom of this window select ‘Manage Disabled' items:


Select 'Disabled Items'

  • Press the ‘Go...' button, and enable OfficeReports again if it is in the disabled-list.
  • Close Excel


Whether OfficeReports was disabled or not, always Reregister OfficeReports, as described in the next chapter.

The procedure in PowerPoint is similar.

Second: Reregister OfficeReports

Please do the following:

First, close all open Excel workbooks and PowerPoint presentations. In the Windows Start menu>All Apps please find the OfficeReports folder. Click on the OfficeReports icon (NOT the 'OfficeReports App' icon!) and this window will pop-up:

Press ‘Unregister’ and directly after that click ‘Register’.

Now check if the OfficeReports menu is back again.

If this is not solving the issue, please contact OfficeReports Support at

OfficeReports Setup Form

Video: Reactivate OfficeReports