The Layout Database

You can share your database with other users or copy them to a new workstation:

Copying OfficeReports layouts from one computer to another

If you e.g. have OfficeReports installed on more than one PC, it might be relevant to copy files that determine the layout settings from the one computer to the other:

You can copy the database file "C:\Users\Public\OfficeReports\ORSettings.accdb" and paste it in the same folder on any other machine. Be aware: You will overwrite the existing settings on this machine!


Centralizing using a shared network drive

If you are a group of users which always use the same layouts, you can share the same Layout database and macro files. With this setup, all users will always work using the exact same layout definitions by have an up-to-date local copy of this Layout database and the macro files. This also works for people using a laptop when they are not at the office.

Do the following to create a 'shared' Layout Database:

  1. On a shared network drive, which all OfficeReports users in the organization have access to, please create a folder, e.g. “.\OfficeReports”

  2. On the PC containing the definitions you want everybody to use, please find the folder ‘C:\Users\Public\OfficeReports’ and copy the file ‘ORSettings.accdb’ and the sub-folder ‘\template’ to the folder on the shared drive.

  3. Now, on each machine you want to use OfficeReports, do the following:

    OfficeReports will use the shared database as soon as you in OfficeReports menu ‘Settings’à’Global Settings’ insert the path to the shared folder on your network drive:

    With this setup, all users will always have an up-to-date local copy of the Layout database and the macro file.

    SHared Layout definition