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Data visualization in Excel, PowerPoint and Word

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OfficeReports is a menu in Excel, PowerPoint and Word which simplifies data analysis, data visualization and report production in Microsoft Office. OfficeReports easily creates all kinds of infographics from your Excel and SPSS data sources - improving time, cost, and quality.
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Do you need to populate a PowerPoint presentation with data from tables in Excel? Using OfficeReports, you can link your Excel data to charts, tables and other infographics in PowerPoint. The shortest path from e.g. SPSS, Wincross and MarketSight to PowerPoint.
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Report Automation

Are you repeatingly producing reports based on templates with changing sets of data? Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Benchmark Studies and Tracking Surveys are just a few examples. It is technically possible to automate any report production using OfficeReports.
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