Tabulation software or cross-tab tools includes a lot of specialized features for analyzing and reporting survey data. This includes a variety of different tables and features which are constantly used when reporting survey data. For example weighting of data, including statistical tests info in tables and much more. There are many good tabulation softwares available in the market, but OfficeReports is the only tool that works as a plug-in for Excel and PowerPoint. This simplifies the process from raw data to final reports and makes OfficeReports the obvious choose if you need to report in Microsoft Office.

The OfficeReports menu in Excel and PowerPoint enables you to create cross-tabs, banner tables and charts right there where you need them. OfficeReports contains all the features needed for reporting survey data, like Z-test and T-test at 2 different levels. No statistical knowledge required as OfficeReports automates the test, and the results are easy to interpret, both in tables and in charts.

OfficeReports embeds your data in Excel or PowerPoint, which makes collaboration easy. Just email the presentation or document, and your colleague (or customer) can continue working with the data. You can import SPSS, Excel, CSV, SurveyMonkey and Triple-S files using OfficeReports. Find out more about OfficeReports cross-tab software here.

With OfficeReports, you can create cross-tabulations in different versions at very competitive prices. See the pricing model here.