If you are like the vast majority of market researchers, you use Microsoft PowerPoint to produce and share your survey reports. Yet, PPT by itself has limitations, forcing users to complete tedious tasks like chart creation and visualizations manually. Often, this means that reports are full of errors and don’t fulfill today’s need for quick turnarounds.

OfficeReports solves these problems by seamlessly adding needed functionality to PowerPoint, all easily accessible with an integrated ribbon tab and pane. With OfficeReports you can:

  • Link data from Excel ranges to charts, tables and shapes
  • Convert background colors in Excel to e.g. significance arrows in PowerPoint
  • Convert texts to images (logo's)
  • Automatically add new chart types that are difficult to create in PowerPoint alone
  • Easily create templates while working natively in PowerPoint with the OfficeReports integration, and keeping these templates automatically up-to-date

How does it work? 

Traditionally, many survey reports are made through a process of copying data ranges from Excel to PowerPoint. This is extremely manual and time consuming. Other problems with survey reporting in PPT include challenges surrounding showing logo files instead of brand names, using XY-charts or showing significance using things like up/down arrows, among other issues. This work becomes tedious and boring, resulting in human errors. 

OfficeReports solves these problems automatically.

Add data dynamically with OfficeReports. One of the main arguments against using PowerPoint for reporting is that new data must be added manually and painstakingly. With OfficeReports, you can automate the transfer of data to update graphs, charts and tables within your slide deliverables.

  • Create templates automatically with OfficeReports. Because our solution is integrated directly into PowerPoint, you can work natively in a program you already understand. This approach eliminates common complaints about PPT being too static, requiring manual data updates, and experiencing difficulty creating report templates.
  • Visualize the data more easily. Not only does OfficeReports allow chart types which are typically hard to create using PowerPoint manually, but it also automatically populates tables, charts and shapes with data from selected Excel ranges. Even the background colors of the cells in Excel translate to the reports, showing things like significance arrows in both tables and charts. Specific texts (such as brand names) from the Excel ranges can automatically be displayed in PowerPoint as images and logos.
  • Utilize our intuitive user interface and features. Not only is OfficeReports fully integrated into a program you already know well—PowerPoint—but it is “market researcher friendly” at every step of the way. For example, you can always see which PowerPoint shapes you have connected to Excel, and the solution will even highlight the range as you select the shape. Your presentation is updated when your data changes. This means you can start creating your presentation before you have all your data, or you can automate periodic reports.

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