The Data Editor

In the 'Data View' you can change and delete data, in the 'Variable View' you can recode the data by creating derived variables:

  • Create a categorical 'Interval' or 'Quantile' variable from numeric responses.
  • Create a categorical 'Period' variable from dates
  • Create a categorical variable from texts
  • Create Groups from variables (multiple responses)
  • Merge Variables
  • Merge Categories and NET-categories
  • Create NPS variables
  • Create variables from scratch using our advanced Formula Editor

Please click the picture to enlarge it. The 'Calculo' edition is limited to 2500 respondents and the 'Calculo Pro' edition is limited to 10,000 respondents. Our Intelligo Premium edition does not have any limitations.

Summary Reports

Summary Reports are created in seconds. You just select the variables you want to be included together with the banner (split) variables.

OfficeReports will create a sheet for each banner variable with one big table containing where all variables are split by the banner variable. This big table can be filtered, weighted and include significance tests.

When using significance tests, you can compare all columns against each other and compare each column to the total at the same time.

Click on the picture to see what you get.