Save time by harnessing the power of Excel with our integrated crosstab tool, which appears as an easy-to-use ribbon tab and task pane right within the program. Our solution is integrated, seamless and offers all the data analysis functionality you need as a market researcher. 

  • Fast creation of crosstab reports in Excel: Save time with the ability to update all tables and charts in your workbook at once, with the simple click of a button 
  • Access the combined power of Excel and OfficeReports: Do everything from using calculated results in formulas all the way to adding conditional formatting on top of an OfficeReports table to create a heatmap 

With all the Excel functionality available inside your crosstab tool, you can boost productivity across the board when it comes to survey reporting. Interested? Contact us to find out more.

Interactive crosstabs

OfficeReports imports data from nearly all major data collection platforms, such as Survey Monkey, Qualtrics and Confirmit, as well as datasets in SPSS, Excel and CSV formats, and automatically creates interactive tables and charts. You can even access advanced statistics like T-Test, Z-test, Pearson correlation and weighting of data. Built-in features allow you to change a table whenever needed, and functions much like a pivot table for ease of use. 

Chart with base and significance info
Chart with base and significance info

Survey Reporting Productivity

See how OfficeReports can increase your productivity:

  • Create a single table at the time, or generate many tables at once.
  • Change and update at any time with interactive tables. 
  • Copy a sheet and define a new filter for all tables on the copied sheet
  • Create tables even before all data is collected. Just import the missing data later, click the Refresh button and the whole report is updated with the new data.