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Using OfficeReports, you can import SPSS .sav files, Excel workbooks containing a dataset or Triple-S xml files directly into Excel. It is also possible to synchronize the report directly with your SurveyMonkey surveys.

From here, you can create derived variables (recodes, periods, intervals etc., read more here) and start creating tables and charts. You can define your own reusable custom layouts for tables and charts. You can read more about OfficeReports layouts here. It is even possible to show data in shapes. More about that here.

OfficeReports contains all the basic statistical functionality you need, including Chi-square, T-test, Z-test and correlation. Read more here.

Reports created by Officereports are always updatable. This means you can add, delete and change the used dataset, and OfficeReports will automatically update all existing charts and tables in the report. So you can start creating your report even before the fieldwork is finished!

All this functionality makes OfficeReports a perfect alternative to SPSS Survey Reporter, Wincross, MarketSight and Q.