Report directly in Excel and PowerPoint

Most people want to see their survey results in Excel and PowerPoint. OfficeReports provides a great solution for creating reports directly in Excel and PowerPoint, and most important, OfficeReports is integrated with SurveyMonkey. This means you can access your SurveyMonkey data directly from Excel and create all the tables and charts you need. Please have a look at the video on the right side to see how this is working.

Analytics in Excel

OfficeReports Analytics is a ribbon in Excel containing all the functionality a crosstab tool needs. You can fast create many tables and charts in different layouts. Besides that, OfficeReports contains all the functionality a researcher needs: NPS, Top/Bottom Boxes, Weighting, T-Test, Z-Test, Correlation etc..

Read more about OfficeReports Analytics here.

Infographics in PowerPoint

OfficeReports InfoGraphics is a ribbon in PowerPoint containing functionality to visualize the results calculated in Excel. Show significance using arrows, show logos instead of text for brand names, use heatmaps and sticky colors, etc.. OfficeReports InfoGraphics also makes it easy to create different chart types which are not supported natively in PowerPoint. E.g. Diverging charts, Funnel charts, Quadrant charts etc..