Report Automation

OfficeReports Automation brings Analytics and InfoGraphics together, in a user-interface where PowerPoint and Excel act as a single application.

Surveys like e.g. brand loyalty surveys or employee satisfaction surveys should be automated. Many similar reports need to be produced. We know these reports are not always as similar as we would like them to be, and that is why it is possible to create 'dynamic templates' using OfficeReports. We can compare different brands in different countries, and we can skip a table, chart or complete slide in case it is irrelevant in the specific report we generate. OfficeReports Automation can mass generate your reports.

Even in those cases where you need very specific functionality, the job can be done. OfficeReports Automation has a macro integration with both Excel and PowerPoint, and can run your macros automatically at the time we need them. This way, you can e.g. do custom sorting or create a specific none-standard table or chart.