In many cases a survey results in more than just 1 report. Employee satisfaction surveys usually result in lots of reports for different departments, teams and leaders. Usually these reports look similar, but are just made based on different data. In other cases, the same survey is repeated periodically. This happens for example when conducting brand awareness surveys. For every 'wave', the same report is made based on the new data.

Automating these report productions using OfficeReports usually results in using less than 10% of the time used when the production is not automated. The automation also eliminates the risk for human errors.

Can OfficeReports automate the production of your reports?

Yes, OfficeReports can! We are so sure about this, that we offer to create your report template on a no cure - no pay basis. If you do not want to use our template for your production, you will have no expenses. If you are interested, please contact us by filling out this form:


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