Analyzing and reporting SurveyMonkey data in Excel and PowerPoint

OfficeReports is a data analysis tool integrated into Microsoft Office. With the OfficeReports menu you can add your SurveyMonkey data directly to Excel or PowerPoint, and create banner tables, charts and reports. all from within the Office suite. You can read more about OfficeReports here.

Using OfficeReports you can connect directly to your SurveyMonkey account, get data from a specific survey and start creating your report using the results from that survey. At any time you can connect to your SurveyMonkey account again to update the reports with new interviews. OfficeReports will update all existing charts and crosstabs with the new data. This means it is no longer necessary to wait until the survey is finished before you can start writing your report. This video shows you how it works.

SurveyMonkey is used for many different types of surveys. For example for Employee Satisfaction Surveys, where the output typically is a report per team/office/department etc. This type of reporting is based on a report template combined with data for each individual team/office/department. OfficeReports has all the functionality needed to automate the report production and the "Repetitive Reports" function in OfficeReports, will have many hours in the process and reduce the risk of manual errors. This video shows you how it works.