Analyze and Report SurveyGizmo data in Microsoft Office

OfficeReports simplifies the process from SurveyGizmo data to reports in Excel and PowerPoint. Now you can create an Analytics Report in Excel, including stat testing and weighting of data without the use of external crosstab or statistical tools.

Finally link the results to Infographics in your PowerPoint presentations. It is easy, it reduces manual steps and most importantly it reduces the risk of errors in your reporting.


1. Export data from SurveyGizmo

1. Go to Analyze & Report, and click Export Data
2. Click SPSS
3. Include the additional fileds you want, and click Create Export
4. In the next screen, select all the questions you do NOT want to report. The default type settings should be OK.
5. Click Save Changes and Remove Checked Items
6. Click Run Export, and Run Export Now
7. Click Download Export, and Save the file somewhere you can find it again.
8. Unzip the downloaded file, and save the .sav file on your disk.

Observe: This process does not require an SPSS license!

2. Add data and create Analytics Reports in Excel

Enter the OfficeReports menu in Excel, and click "Add Data". Select the SPSS sav datafile exported from SurveyGizmo.

The fully featured analytics menu enables you to create all the tables and charts that you need for your reporting.

3. Create an Infographic based presentation
in PowerPoint linked to your data

OfficeReports creates dynamic links from Infographics in PowerPoint to your survey data. This means that tables, charts, shapes, icons, images text sections etc. in your PowerPoint presentations are well connected to your survey data.  This means that you can build your reports and presentations based on preliminary data, add new incoming interviews, press the Update button in Excel to update the Analytics Report, and finally press the Refresh button in the PowerPoint OfficeReports. All data and infographics are automatically recalculated in seconds!