What do I get?

We will help you during the entire process from raw data to final delivery and will use up to 10 hours to make sure you will create your reports correct and in time. We run pilot projects in 5 steps:

1. You share an example of the design of the final presentation with us (off course, we sign a NDA if you want us to). If you also want to share the raw data, please anonymize the dataset before sending it to us.

2. We have a look at the design of the final report, and find the best way to create the report. In case we have the raw data, we will also find out what needs to be recoded.

3. We will give you online training so you have the knowledge to create the specific report.

4. You start creating the report and can book meetings with us on Teams or just by email in case you have questions. We respond fast.

5. When the report is created we schedule an online meeting to evaluate the process.

The result

You will have the deliveries you need to send to your customer, and you will have a document describing how it all was done. You will understand how OfficeReports works and know that OfficeReports can do what you need it to.

Now, you can decide if you want to use OfficeReports for other deliveries as well.

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