OfficeReports is not (yet) capable of importing native SAS data files. But SAS can produce SPSS 'sav' files, and OfficeReports can import *.sav files. These files contain both a definition of the data structure and the data itself. After importing a 'sav' file, you can immediately start creating tables and charts, without having to use SAS's own tools.

Complement SAS with OfficeReports

In case you need to create some very advanced variables which you can not make in OfficeReports (e.g. cluster analysis) you can use SAS to create your variables. They will become a part of the 'sav' file, and are available for use in OfficeReports afterward.

OfficeReports can be a very useful complementary product to SAS. Many researchers use SAS to create variables and tables, and then copy the tables to Excel and use macros to create tables and charts in PowerPoint. OfficeReports automates this process. The macros can become a part of OfficeReports table and chart types. This means you will create the right tables and charts automatically using OfficeReports which will result in much faster production of reports.