With OfficeReports Calculo you can:

  • Import raw survey data (SPSS, XLS, CSV, SurveyMonkey, Alchemer etc.)
  • Create derived variables to prepare your data set for tabulation
  • Mass-create frequency, cross and grid tables and Mass-update these tables
  • Advanced Statistics: Perform significance tests (Students & Welch T-Test; Z-Test), apply weighting, correlation etc.
  • Fast creation of crosstab reports in Excel: Save time with the ability to update all tables and charts in your workbook with new data at once, with the simple click of a button
  • Access the combined power of Excel and OfficeReports: Do everything from using calculated results in formulas all the way to adding conditional formatting on top of an OfficeReports table to e.g. create a heatmap

Analytics & Reporting

OfficeReports can create tables in different layouts depending whether the tables will be used for analysis or for reporting. In case you want to do your analysis, OfficeReports will create tables in which the significance is shown by 'significance characters', like in the table you can see here. You can create your own layout styles to make the tables look the way you want. For analysis, OfficeReports also has functionality to fast create 'Summary Reports'. read more about 'Summary Reports'

The 'Crosstab Tables Report' can be used to create a very nice looking table report for your customers.

In case you need to populate a PowerPoint presentation, OfficeReports creates tables showing significant difference as background colors. These background colors can be turned into e.g. arrows in PowerPoint automatically by using OfficeReports Automation.