Data Driven Presentations

InfoGraphics populates tables, charts and shapes with data from selected Excel ranges. Not only the data from Excel can be used, also the background colors of the cells in Excel can be used. This means you can use Excel's 'conditional formatting' and directly use the results in PowerPoint. InfoGraphics can show significance in both tables and charts, and specific texts from the Excel ranges can automatically be displayed in PowerPoint as images.

InfoGraphics also adds some unique charting features to PowerPoint like e.g. Marimekko, Funnel, Quadrant and Diverging Bar, which are not available as standard chart types in Office.

The intuitive user-interface makes sure you always can see which PowerPoint shapes you have connected to Excel, and will even highlight the range as you select the shape. InfoGraphics keeps your presentation updated when your data changes. This means you can start creating your presentation before you have all your data, or you can automate periodic reports.

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